Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Growing a Group of Artists

It is Spring and I feel so alive today! The air is warm, life is stirring everywhere and my paintings are pouring out of me. I'm working on several pieces at once. I go outside and listen to the water running through the forests and the sun warming the earth and I can't help but paint what is happening to the landscape. I can feel joy running through my veins again and after a long, dark, difficult winter it feels delicious.

I am fortunate enough to be part of a strong group of artists who have come together out of their solitary lives of creation to form a group, Artistes de Mont Tremblant. Living in a municipality where the ski hill dominates can create a vacuum when it comes to the arts. We are ten dedicated sculptors and painters, a diverse group of artists all committed to making art a vital part of our lives and sharing this passion with the community. It's been an exciting time getting to know each other and watching our group grow and form itself. We have planned several events for the summer season and intend on making our voice heard by bringing art to the community in an innovative and sensitive manner.

As much as I love my solitary moments in the forests and studio I also love to bring my work to people and share my discoveries. If I am able to shift someone's attention from the outside world to their own inner world, if even only for a moment, I am elated and feel I have done my job as an artist. I can't do this when my paintings are hanging in galleries with their pseudo sacred hush. I think having galleries represent my work takes all the human interaction away from the artist and totally bewilders the public when they are looking at art. This is why I enjoy the idea of creating more of an event or party like atmosphere for exhibiting my work, after all the long, solitary soul searching is done I feel like celebrating! This is what our group intends to do...make participating in cultural events memorable and FUN!
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