Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings

I kept dreaming of a female figure and she kept trying to emerge in my paintings as well. I had started to paint small watercolours of two women entwined, one dark/one light, and both needed to create a whole. Then she appeared in the outer world, Loretta, my childhood friend, one modeling session with this beautiful model and I have a plethora of drawings, photos, watercolours and inspiration to work with. I have worked with many life models but to work with a dancer who knows how to express her soul with her body was a gift beyond words. It was an emotional and intense experience for both of us and I hope that I can paint something worthy of her ability to model with such courage, warmth and generosity. I am glad the holdiday festivities are finally coming to a close so that I can get back into my studio and work with this new inspiration!

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