Thursday, April 9, 2009

Inside the Belly of the Beast

So much going on inside my head, heart and studio.  My dreams at night are full of crowds of people.  Yesterday I couldn't paint fast enough to keep up with the flood of
creative energy that threatened to overcome me if I didn't get it on canvas!  I don't question anymore I just respond to the flow of feelings that comes bubbling up, if I start to analyze or think too much I get in the way of this process.  As I learn to trust myself more the paintings appear one after the other and have many things to show me as I humbly learn to paint from this inner place.  These are all works in progress and many I will paint over time and time again.  As you can see, my figure sketches are still on the wall and waiting to be integrated but for now I am back in the landscapes, trying to paint the collective heartbeat of the earth and all living things.  I can feel it so strongly at times.  Being in the city has been good for my work, there is so much vitality and energy that I never noticed before in an urban environment.  Out of fear we create illusory differences to separate us when really the same vibrant life force is pulsating through all of us everywhere. The unifying element is Love.
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