Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dream of Buddha & Bad Boys

Over a month ago I had a potent dream of which fragments keep fluttering into consciousness even now. The dream begins in some sort of concentration camp. I can't leave, there are lots of rules and not much food. Then it skips to riding my motorcycle towards luminous rock cliffs. I am now walking through the rocks and discover a still, calm lake. The lake is surrounded by sculptural rock formations and I feel very safe here. There are several Buddhist monks sitting or meditating on the rocks. It is sunny, peaceful and very quiet. The silence washes over me. I sit down on some rocks beside the water and notice ancient carvings of mythological figures within the cliffs, the carvings are so old and worn that I have to look very carefully to see them. Three young monks appear out of a hole in the rocks, it is as if they are emerging from an underwater cave into the sunlight. A compelling image that burns itself into me. I admire their courage for having submerged themselves in the underwater cave in order to reemerge into the brilliant sunlight.
Suddenly above me on one of the rock cliffs a group of noisy, obnoxious boys enter
the dream and are completely unconscious of the beauty & silence. They are loud and arrogant and throw things into the calm lake, disrupting its stillness. I feel myself loosing my center and becoming agitated but then I remember that they too belong here in this dream and are very much a part of it. When I accept this, calmness returns through embracing the entire dream and not just the beautiful parts.
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