Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Morning Muse 2

Morning Muse 2 / 48" x 36" / acrylic on panel board     

 Having lived in an urban environment for close to four years now I am always surprised by the beauty and silence that envelops me when I return to the woods. As humans we adapt to our surroundings, and the rhythms and textures of Montreal have been integrated into my paintings in spite of my subject matter. The landscape lives on inside me and when I return to the forests it is as though I am entering into the paintings. Like a dream, I am less and less sure of the boundaries between my imagination and the landscape. The inner wilderness and the outer wilderness become one and the same.

 Some details of the textures created using tar gel and modeling paste on the wood panel during the painting process. This new found fascination with texture is partly a reflection of the multi-textured surfaces of the city that I find so endlessly beautiful.

 I find our new urban habitat to be full of life, in the parks, the trees, the waterways. Our natural habitat, the earth has many ways of expressing itself through humanity, animals, plants, sky, air. We need but be still and listen, wherever we are on the planet.

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