Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cruising in the Mountains

After saying Goodbye to Jo and Drew, I headed north to Golden and saw a few interesting animals along the way.

 A coyote and a magpie having a conversation.

 A few Mule Deer visiting the town of Invermere.

 A wonderful rusty Moose outside the Artyme Gallery in Invermere.

Not far down the road and along the beautiful Columbia River Valley I came to a delightful 
little shop called "Bee Land" in the town of Spillimacheen. A store of all things "BEEtiful"

 The incredible glass mosaic window of the front door of Bee Land.


Owner and beekeeper, Morely Winnick is most welcoming in his honey shop which is part of a gorgeous old building that he is in the process of renovating. There are also special "cooking with honey" events hosted by guest chefs and featured artists displayed on the walls. I could have stayed and chatted with Morley all day but had to press on to Kamloops.

The view from BEELAND on a clear day.

 My drive through the valley was more atmospheric as it rained the whole way!
A quick stop for lunch in Golden's Bacchus Bookstore and Café  
A full two floors of new and used books and a "creaky & quirky" café which serves excellent homemade food and coffee.


Up, up, up into the clouds and through Roger's Pass.

 Revelstoke Bear and a stop for gas and coffee. Pouring rain, warmer temps. At least its not snowing anymore.

 Schuswap Lake

 Entering Salmon Arm. These lakes and valleys amongst the mountains are breathtaking in their sheer size and beauty.
 And finally the descent into Thompson River Valley. A dry, warm valley lush with textures and colors. Large, stark hills that surround the valley are evocative of reclining bodies warming themselves under the sky.

 And finally, AMY!!! My beautiful daughter that I haven't seen in far too long! Amy and Kim and happy to spend some time here in Kamloops with the three of them!

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