Monday, October 29, 2012

Hangin' with Amy in Kamloops


So Happy to be spending time with my girl! Kamloops looks like a great place to live and learn. Amy gave me the tour of her school, Thompson River University, where she is studying Geography, Environmental & Aboriginal Studies. The school environment embodies these subjects in its architecture and layout.

View of Kamloops from Thompson River University

Coyote above Learning Center
Doors to circular "Earth" ampitheater

 Floor details

Large Paintings adjacent to the "living wall"
The Living Wall which emits humidity and life into the whole space. You can feel it breathing.

An outdoor study space overlooking Kamloops

Study Area, lots of light, air and space.


Amazing gardens and trees throughout.

Mama and daughter.

 Amy frolicking in the leaves!

We then went for a great walk along the river in Riverside Park. The sun came out, we met another friend of Amy and Kim's and we walked a Labyrinth.


Some of the trees are still with leaves in this warm valley.

 Of course, little Maverick, Amy and Kim's new puppy came along on the walk.


We came home and made a delicious communal dinner with mom's apple pie for dessert.
I love these girls! They have been so hospitable and fun to be around. I will be ever so sad to leave them tomorrow.

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