Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have reached the West coast!

 This morning I left Squamish and past The Chief one more time. Can you see the white form of "the witch" outlined on the face of the rocks? She is really very pronounced, you can even make out her facial features when you drive closer.
The clouds continue to shift and let some spectacular light rays through every now and then.
 The drive from Squamish to Vancouver was spectacular as I finally was able to drive along the coast. This drive just keeps getting more beautiful. I forgot how incredible this province is and wish I could spend another month here exploring all the inlets and bays and islands.

 The coastline is densely populated with all sorts of interesting homes and structures. I am staying with an old high school friend, Loretta tonight in White Rock. We took a walk down to the beach in the drizzling mist this afternoon.

The lush and diverse plant growth here is overwhelming. Completely different climate than back home in Quebec! Couldn't resist taking a photos of the Holly leaves below.


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