Friday, July 17, 2015

Squamish and The Chief

After a great visit and dinner with my cousin Shannon in Whistler we headed for Squamish. Fortunately for us  this is where
my favorite aunt and uncle live and they generously offered to feed and shelter is for a few nights.

 The first day we spent exploring the area around Shannon Falls. I have painted these before and it was a joy to revisit this tall tumbling waterfall.


There is a remarkable looking rock face that is a central landmark in Squamish and it's called The Chief. 

 As a rock lover this mountain is irresistible so Walt and I decided to hike it. It isn't a long hike but a steady and steep climb. The view from the top looks out over Howe's Sound and is well worth the effort!  A well deserved beer at Howe's Sound Brewery with a view of the Chief was an excellent end to our day.

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