Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late Night Thoughts

I started this blog as a way to reveal some of my journey and process as an artist.  I am never really sure who reads this but am always pleasantly surprised when I learn that someone has.
I have met new friends who were inspired by things I have written and reconnected with old friends who have been able to follow the thread of an evolving story from these brief, sporadic entries.
I feel an artist has an obligation to reveal inner visions and struggles to the rest of humanity as a way of evolving and liberating our collective consciousness.  This is not always easy and often feels like walking around naked in public.  Sometimes I want to
write of events and people that affect me deeply but don't feel it is honest to disclose other people's heart matters in a public forum.  The world of Art seems to entwine itself powerfully with the entire life of the one making the art.  Both are affected by every nuance and shift within the artist's psyche and all is recorded in the work, some of which is seen by the public and some of which is not.  There are times when certain works are too raw and close to be exposed immediately and there are times when one
joyfully shares what has danced onto the canvas in an explosion of colours and shapes.

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