Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baba Yaga Came to Visit

While sharing a meal of spice and flavor
with a group of hard working women
the Baba Yaga appeared at the table.
She appeared in calloused hands
and cracked finger nails.
She was there in muscle and
naked skin, just beneath the clothing.
She filled wine goblets and
bit tongues with spicy fire.
She sang out bawdy songs and
told riotously funny stories.

Women who work with their bodies
call forth the form of the holy one
with their sweat and strain
When Baba Yaga appears the women
raise their wine in a toast to the
beauty of her dark nature.
She raises her skirt and reveals
a gapping, dripping wet cave
that leads to an inner knowing.
She opens their legs and tells
them not to fear their own wisdom.

Intuitive patterns & rhythms
drum heartbeats into
feverish dance.
The women peel back layers
of dewy petals and open
to the silver moonlight
cascading down

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art + Poetry + Music in a barn in a forest

Our Grand Opening for the third season will be on Friday, June 19th starting at 5pm. Live music, wine, sculpture, painting, poetry, singing, dancing and laughing in honor of the Summer Solstice! The Barn is one of my favorite places on the planet earth.
A century old barn that opens onto a red pine forest plantation. An earthy grounded place to bring art back to the people, where it belongs in my opinion. If you are in the area, please come and join us in this celebration of Life!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crying Rocks

When I am able to be still enough or moved enough, something inside me opens up and I can "feel" what needs to be painted from within. As within so without. I believe that psyche and soma are deeply connected. Today I experienced apprehension, disappointment, fear, sadness & loneliness. When given the space to paint in my studio the tears flowed in release of all these emotions, I painted with the tears and listened as the rocks cried their ancient stories. The rocks hold me steady with their patient energy and allow me to access undiscovered places within.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dream of Buddha & Bad Boys

Over a month ago I had a potent dream of which fragments keep fluttering into consciousness even now. The dream begins in some sort of concentration camp. I can't leave, there are lots of rules and not much food. Then it skips to riding my motorcycle towards luminous rock cliffs. I am now walking through the rocks and discover a still, calm lake. The lake is surrounded by sculptural rock formations and I feel very safe here. There are several Buddhist monks sitting or meditating on the rocks. It is sunny, peaceful and very quiet. The silence washes over me. I sit down on some rocks beside the water and notice ancient carvings of mythological figures within the cliffs, the carvings are so old and worn that I have to look very carefully to see them. Three young monks appear out of a hole in the rocks, it is as if they are emerging from an underwater cave into the sunlight. A compelling image that burns itself into me. I admire their courage for having submerged themselves in the underwater cave in order to reemerge into the brilliant sunlight.
Suddenly above me on one of the rock cliffs a group of noisy, obnoxious boys enter
the dream and are completely unconscious of the beauty & silence. They are loud and arrogant and throw things into the calm lake, disrupting its stillness. I feel myself loosing my center and becoming agitated but then I remember that they too belong here in this dream and are very much a part of it. When I accept this, calmness returns through embracing the entire dream and not just the beautiful parts.

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