Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Roaring Colors of Autumn

Rocks Listening to the Roar of Autumn 48" x 36"

Becoming Red 48" x 36"

Autumn, excessive in her exuberant expressions of color! Color that screams in ecstatic bursts all around me. I am dangerous on the road, constantly swerving in every direction as wanton displays of crimson surprise me around every corner. Exquisitely sensuous, autumn tumbles into robust colors that smell of earth and eros, nature drops her green mantle of modesty and reveals all her hidden passions in one last visual explosion before the silence of winter descends. I can almost hear the colors roaring like fire around me as I walk through the flaming maple forests of the Laurentian mountains. This is the season that fills me with a passionate lust for life and fills me with a burning desire to paint, paint, paint!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four Small Poems from the Stones

Poems from the Stones #2

Poems from the Stones # 3

Poems from the stones #4


Poems from the Stones #1


A series of smaller pieces (20" x 16") Visual poems that emerge from the rocks when I manage to be still enough to listen
to these ancient pulsating beings of patient wisdom.

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