Saturday, May 10, 2008

Studio work in progress

River series - this group of paintings was inspired by an afternoon canoe trip down
the Devil's River with my daughter last fall.  The joy of just going with the flow of the
river and being surprised by every bend in the river as it unfolds before you.
Sometimes there is faster water and you have to work to stay on course, sometimes
you are surprised by a rock or a deadhead, sometimes your breath is taken away by
the awe and beauty that appears before you.  I love working on this series, each painting is brimming with revelations.
I am learning so much about and through painting. It is my way of connecting to the earth and everything around me.  I need to just let go and flow with the river and my paints.  Ultimately it doesn't matter where I end up as it is the beauty of the journey that sustains me.

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