Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Tale of Expansive Energy at the Art Barn

Walt Pascoe (@waltpascoe) came up north to Mont-Tremblant to visit our Art Barn and left his beautiful energy behind as a gift in the forest behind the barn. He quietly created this cool "earth spiral" out in the woods.

He began with the twigs in the centre and slowly spiraled outward with mounds of pine needles...he continued with larger twigs and sticks arranged around the spiral as rays of energy shooting outwards!

A few weeks and several storms have started to fill in the path but you can still see the outline, I love the morning shadows of the pine trees falling horizontally over the spiral! Difficult to photograph but this is taken from above.
The photos do not begin to communicate the effect that this has on the whole forest! It is profoundly energizing and peaceful at the same time. I have eaten my lunch there, cried with my daughter and laughed with friends. I have sat with great stillness beside it and felt Walt's energy emanating from it, just as from the painting of his that lives in my Montreal apt. Now the expansion begins. This structure of Walt's led to one of the sculptor's at the barn, Luis Paniagua, cutting several dead pines and creating this piece the next day:

Then Bruno Dufour, another sculptor from the barn was inspired to create his own piece, "Earth to Earth" beside the Earth Spiral. Bruno dug and sculpted earth all day. The photos definitely don't capture the mystic silence
that surrounds this beautiful negative/positive rendition of a figure in the fetal position. The trees seems to become even more alive as these artworks are created within their sacred presence.

Finally today, I added my small contribution to all the delicious energy swirling throughout the forest. A hand-drawn tree on linen, an addition to the poetry walk that winds it's way through the forest with images and words:

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