Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walt's Words

I would like to repost the words of my late beloved Walt Pascoe 1958 - 2015.

Savage Uncertainties on the Road Home

This was written three years to the day prior to his death this year on Dec 21, 2015. His eloquent words give us a glimpse into what it was like for him to know he was dying. He was a man of great wisdom and his last years were a gift for all who spent time with him.


Maureen said...

I'm so glad we have his words. Thank you, Holly. My heart goes out to you.

Annie B said...

I remember these words. And they are just as powerful as I re-read them today. Love to you.

Sue said...

this is so lovely and moving and present. thank you so much for sharing this

Holly Friesen said...

Thank-you both Annie and Sue for taking the time to both read Walt's words and commenting.

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