Friday, March 25, 2016

Radiant Absence

Radiant Absence / 40" x 60" / acrylic on canvas / 2015

Upcoming Exhibition:  Radiant Absence

Galerie Espace
4844 Boul St Laurent
Montreal, QC

Vernissage: Thursday, March 31 / 5 to 7pm

Exhibition continues through to Sunday daily noon to 4pm
or by appointment.

The truth is I would rather not be exhibiting right now as I feel raw and vulnerable from the recent loss of my beloved Walt, however I am unable to cancel the show which was scheduled a year ago. That being said, a "radiant absence" fills my days and this show will be a reflection of this profound transition and transformation at work in my paintings and my heart.

Monday, March 7, 2016

In the Heat

Here I am in Costa Rica! Wow! Not even quite sure how that happened! I took a leap and said YES! Before I knew it I was here in this magical land of heat and color, sound and movement. The jungle meets the ocean and my senses have fallen under their spell. The place where much of this wonder happens is in a pink tree house in Nosara.

I am here with the most fabulous group of divine women. Most of whom I am only meeting for the first time but it is one of those groups that was meant to be. I love our energy together. We are all over 50 and well into the "heat" of life! We are the heart and soul of Baba Yaga! We are all remembering who we really are when stripped of our outer world identites and responsibilities. 

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