Saturday, May 18, 2019

Open Studio 2019


Thursday, June 6, 2019

3pm to 8pm

Studio 349
Complex du Canal Lachine
4710 rue St Ambroise

I will have my studio open as will many other artists in the building! Always a fun event to explore in St Henri!
Hope to see you there!

* Lots of new smaller works will be available at this event.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

2 Upcoming Montreal Shows!

Upcoming Montreal Shows
All New Paintings

 Giving Ground       

Vernissage: April 4th 6-8pm

6394 Boul. St-Laurent,
Montréal, Québec
H2S 3C4

Friday April 5th 12 - 6pm
Saturday April 6th 12 - 8pm
Sunday April 7th
Closing Brunch - 11 - 1pm 

 Lost in the Forest     
Vernissage: April 11th 5 - 7pm                  

Centre d'Art E.K. Voland
Complexe du Canal Lachine
4710 rue St Ambroise
Montreal, Quebec
Exhibiton continues until April 15
Gallery Hours: 11-3pm or by appointment 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Desert Landscape

Moving through space and time in a new landscape makes my gypsy heart beat faster. Having recently returned from an inspiring trip through space and time in Cali I couldn't feel more nourished.

Joshua Tree National Park has been beckoning me for decades and when I heard that my friend and fellow painter, Theresa Passarello was going I couldn't resist meeting her there. Theresa picked me up at LAX and we headed straight for the desert. Once we were released from the endless traffic of LA we entered a landscape of rolling hills and spinning windmills with snow capped mountains in the distance. My blood was pumping. The thrill of a new vista is my favourite drug.

We stopped in Palm Springs to stretch our legs and drink a margarita in the sunshine. We decided to find our digs before dark as it was down a maze of sandy roads that felt like gopher trails in the desert. It was cold as the sun set but the light was golden and we were nestled into our cabin on a ranch between two mountains for the next few days. The silence in the desert is like darkness speaking, all encompassing and very present. 

The next day we rose before the sun and headed into a sky of fire colours. The strangely shaped silhouettes of Joshua Trees felt oddly like people.

Joshua Trees are actually not trees but succulents of the Yucca Family however they are referred to as trees of the desert. They are very slow growing and dependent on the yucca moth for pollination. They are highly sensitive to climate change and therefore on an endangered list. These trees are magnificent beings, unlike anything I have ever encountered before and very specific to this dessert landscape. I am so grateful that the National Park exists to protect and preserve these great tree beings.

I was reading Terry Tempest Williams, The Hour of the Land during my dessert travels and about the National Parks she has much to say but this stood out for me, 

"I see our national parks as our ongoing struggle as a diverse people to create circles of reverence in a time of collective cynicism where we are wary of being moved anything but our own clever perspective."

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Prairie Paintings (dedicated to my mother)

This November my mother, who has suffered from increasing dementia for the past several years, was hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia. Apparently this is a fairly common path in any degenerative disease and with this inability to swallow the downward spiral begins. 

Under Western Skies / 20" x 20"

Far away from Saskatoon, I worked in my Montreal studio painting the landscape of my childhood, my mother's home, my grandmother's home, my great-grandmother's home. Tears flowed as I realized she was returning to this landscape.

Four generations - My mom, grandma, great grandma and me

Beckoning Landscape / 48" x 48"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Air Canada purchases a painting for their collection

I was honoured to have a large 48" x 48" painting purchased by Air Canada last month. I am always grateful when a corporation such as Air Canada supports Canadian art and artists by including original artworks in their collections. These artworks grace the walls of Air Canada's signature Maple Leaf lounges that are lovely, relaxing spaces to retreat to in the midst of hectic modern day travel. It is truly an artist's dream to have her art placed in such a place where so many eyes will have the time to look and take in the painting in a leisurely manner.

I am based out of Montreal but my roots are in Saskatchewan where I was born and raised. Air Canada generously flew me out to Saskatoon for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Maple Leaf lounge that has opened there.

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Air Canada purchases a painting for their collection

I was honoured to have a large 48" x 48" painting purchased by Air Canada last month.  I am always grateful when a corporatio...