Friday, October 12, 2007

Raven Stealing the Sun

Have closed down the barn studio for the winter and moved to a great shared studio space in Montreal.
It is an old factory warehouse converted to artist lofts and a terrific working space, a complete switch from
the barn. I am now in the middle of an industrial urban center, I wonder how this will affect my painting.
I love the space and the only painting I have brought with me is this Raven, whom has become my totem
in the last few months. I love his dark trickery and his passion for seeking and stealing light. I start my radiation
treatments in Mtl on Monday and feel that my new studio is just the haven I will need while I sleep, paint and
heal. Not much time for the computer which will also be an interesting change for me. Lots of time to paint
and explore the city.

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