Saturday, February 23, 2008


It was over a year ago now that I started the struggle to form this group of artists.  It was a difficult beginning with many disappointments and what I considered to be "failures" along the way.  As it turned out, those "failures" actually turned out to be small blessings that redirected my path and realigned me with my true intentions as an aritist.  I am now proud to be part of this dynamic group of artists whom continue to grow and evolve as a group and as individuals with unique talents and qualities that we share with each other.  Our upcoming exhibition "Transition" couldn't be more appropriately titled as all of us have undergone our own life challenges this past year and in my own case, Art has been my saving grace.  I feel blessed to have this family of friends and artists to share in the struggles and joys of creation.  We have all decided to put one piece in the show that is "in progress" to allow the viewers a glimpse into the world of the artist's process. This "process" is something rarely seen by the viewer of a finished piece of art.  The sweat and tears that go into making art is extraordinary and I think it is important for people to know how much of an artist's soul goes into his/her work.  Making art changes the way you see things and constantly challenges one's own assumptions and perceptions of the world.

"The instinctive need to transform experience into image is a mysterious phenomenom.  Discussion of it must take place in the realm of philosophy or poetry for it serves no objective function.  Forces are manifested in poems and paintings that do not pass through the circuits of knowledge.  These forces, vital and inexplicable, pass through the circuits of the soul.  They are responsible for the joyful sense of recognition, interior resonance and blissful confirmation that attends the sight of certain paintings."
-Roxanna Robinson
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