Friday, July 25, 2008

Hermia's Dream

A dream within a dream within a dream.

Hermia dreams a serpent
is eating out her heart.
Cadmium red blood
awakens her intuition.

Helena chooses enmity
sanctimonious love
comes between their
shared art of heart.

Helena draws
an interruption
creates interference.
Confusion reigns supreme
in this midsummer night's dream.

Deception veils eyes
Truth is hidden with lies.
Helena wears proud
armour of denial,
admonishing the heat of Hermia.
Advising cool restraint of emotions.

Valkyries rise up
slash heavens
with denied passions.
Hermia's heart heaves
as she awakens
to discover she was only
dreaming she was dreaming.

Her art pounds 
with fierce red
cadmium slashes.

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