Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barn Update

I love our barn, coolest place on the planet for exhibiting art.  Yesterday I finished another large painting from the river series I have been working on since spring.  
It feels good to be working on a series, helps to keep me focused cause my mind is
always overflowing with ideas, one thing just leads to another, continuously.
I finalized and put up the "poetry walk" today, it took way more time and energy than
I had expected but it is well worth it, it looks beautiful!  I can't wait to see how people
respond to it.  The first woman to see me hanging the poems on the trees was a poet herself and she thought the idea was amazing.  I am so happy to have finally completed it and I dedicate it with all my heart to the poetman who created it with me, Jim Larwill.
Meeting Jim was a turning point in my creative life and otherwise, he is one of those once in a life time people that you meet and they change your life forever.  
I am ever so grateful for his presence in my life and look forward to future collaborations together.
I would post photos of both my newest painting and the poetry walk but my camera
seems to have died and I am imageless for this post.
On another note, we have a baby groundhog, a fox and a racoon that share the barn with us, not so sure how long that baby groundhog is going to last with the other two but it's kinda fun to have them around, as long as they don't eat the flowers!!!

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