Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Joy of Painting

I love to paint, I love the feeling of the brushes and knives swooshing the colours onto the canvas.  One colour becomes another as they fuse into layers on the surface.  I make a mark and the mark evokes a response from somewhere deep inside which produces another mark.  Sometimes words come into my head when I am working on a painting, sometimes a whole line or sentence of words will appear out of thin air, I often use these words in the title of the painting.  The words are echoes of the colours, shapes and textures.  There are times when I can taste the shapes in my mouth as I paint and I can feel the rhythms and movement of energy flowing through my whole body when I am working.  I am growing more and more confident in my work and as I let go of preconceived outcomes for the paintings the more the painting reveals itself to me from a deeper source.  This connection is vital for me and it is the only way I know of to dance with angels.

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