Sunday, August 10, 2008

River Revelations

Here is the latest painting, River Revelations...I have hung it high up on the barn
wall as a companion to Cloud Spill, they are in complete contrast to each other,
yet they both are inspired by the same river.  I have now started a smaller study
of the shoreline rocks which continue to whisper their essence to me through
their shapes and textures as I row my canoe by them.  I LOVE painting so much,
it is like a prayer as it is the closest I feel to God when in the process of painting.
I feel like my whole being opens up and all my gratitude for existing pours out onto
the canvas.  It is a way of praying for the earth and all her gifts and when people come
into the barn and are made aware of this incredible spiritual presence that permeates all living things I feel I am twice blessed.

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