Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reveling in Revelation

These two poses have been speaking to me all week, suddenly I put them back to back and they became even more vociferous. Sometimes it feels as if I am just a spectator in my own process, waiting to be told what to do.

Next I redrew the poses onto wood panels, still working from intuition I applied collage before the drawing on one pose and after the drawing on the second pose. I collaged tinfoil and washi paper wherever it felt like it needed a shape. Later I moved to working on a different piece which I decided to underpaint in my beloved cadmium red as a symbol for the passion which underlies everything I paint these days. As I walked by these two pieces sitting on their easels with a pot full of diluted red I spontaneously painted them in quick gestural strokes...I LOVE these pieces, they are coming alive for me in such an exciting way. It really is like I am just there to move the paint around and something else decides where and when.
The more I trust this "something else" the more I revel in what is revealed to me.
Heard a beautiful Vivaldi concert tonight, each season was played by a different violin soloist, the music just flooded my soul with emotion and seemed to draw forth another dimension of these two figures that I am working much goes on in the nonverbal world if one listens and looks. Art is so incredibly important to my well being, if I couldn't create I think I would die.

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