Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Blue with Raven

Here’s a blue background more hue-raucous
than the one fierce raven standing against it.
So raucous I cover both my ears before shading
my eyes. Even if painted on a canvas flocked
by a dozen ravens, this blue would still shriek
a crack-of-the-dawn warning. Wake up. Time to
scatter away the craven dreams. So would say
such a blue: this Aegean-cleaving peacock

Therese L. Broderick

Ekphrasis is poetry about art, Therese can tell you more about it on her blog Ekphrasis
Therese and I connected through Every Photo Tells a Story, another interesting blog that posts visual prompts for artists of all disciplines. I really love the experience of a poet translating my painting into a poem, it adds another dimension of meaning for myself, for the poet and for the viewer.
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