Monday, July 20, 2009

Launching into Life!

This is my oldest daughter launching into her Life! My heart sings for her when I see these photos. Echoes of my own valleys and mountains resonate within.  There is nothing more to be done but watch her fly and fall and fly again. Someone once said that having a child means to cut out your heart and watch it walk around in the world, a most terrifying and joyful experience! My two daughters have and continue to bring so much love and light into my world. They offer me fresh perspectives and insights on a world with a shifting consciousness. Theirs is a world informed by past generations but already becoming something else. As I contemplate the tender innocence of youth in my daughters I recognize that same innocence alive and well in my own heartbeat. I marvel at how quickly the chapters of experience have created my life story.  Unfurling into a tapestry of textured richness and depth, Life reveals it's patterns of interconnection and relatedness to all beings on this planet. I find myself standing in that same meadow, looking over the valley, only to recognize it for the first time through my daughter's eyes.

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