Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reflections on Guilt & Shame

I sold these two pieces a couple of weeks ago and although they are intensely personal pieces, I realized how ready I was to let them go.
"Reflections on Shame and Guilt" are filled with the raw emotion I experienced when confronting my own shame and guilt as I came face to face with large shadow aspects of myself. A feeling of oppressive self-worthlessness descended upon me & slowly diminished the 'joy hum' inside
until eventually it went out altogether. This was a terrifying moment but one that I survived. This week similar events that triggered this particular shadow confrontation arose again but this time I was prepared. I no longer feel the chains of shame and guilt and my conscience is free of their oppressive bonds. I feel delightfully light and liberated from a false sense of morality which has released an incredible amount of energy to live and create new Life! It was with real joy that I released these two paintings into the world. Time to move on, embracing ALL of life, the negative aspects & the positive aspects, both just being different sides of the same coin.
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