Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rilke Poem, Music and Painting

A video collaboration between Detlef Cordes in Germany and myself, here in Canada. Detlef is a talented musician, poet, writer, philosopher and thinker. I love the way Detlef combined the music, words, birdsong and urban sounds to create a distinctive pattern of sounds allowing the images of a painting in process to unfold, much as a tree unfurls it's new leaves every spring to the passing seasons.

My life is not this steep hour,
Where you see me hurry.
I am a tree in front of my background.
I am just one of my many mouths,
and the one that closes most early.
I am the silence between two tones,
which do not ease into each other lightly:
as the sound "death" likes to rise.

But in the dark interval they reconcile,
And the song stays beautiful.

~Rilke translated by Detlef Cordes

The Artist Project Toronto

It has been a busy, busy month...first The Artist Project in Toronto and then another trip to NYC to see the Artist Project in action over there! I have learned a lot and met many helpful, insightful people, had an incredible amount of stimulation and fun but now I long for the solitude of my studio once again. I am overflowing with ideas, so many that I don't know where to begin, I am immobilized by too many ideas. I need to walk in the woods and quiet my
chattering "idea" mind and let the paint flow and take me to where I need to be right now. Difficult to switch gears from "doing" to "being" but I am working on it. The new spring sunlight always infuses me with a hopeful, optimistic energy that allows me to just close my eyes and follow the warmth.

My booth at the Artist Project Toronto




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