Monday, January 30, 2012

Painting up a Storm

Storm / 48" x 48" / acrylic on canvas

These are my favorite months to be in the studio. The holiday festivities are over and there are few interruptions to the flow of my work at this time. One painting seems to lead to another and I love to work on different series at the same time. I am so often surprised by where the paint leads me. For example, I was completely absorbed in some highly textured, hot colored paintings when all of a sudden this piece appeared. I always chuckle to myself when this happens, its as if I am being reminded that it is not really me in charge but the paintings will decide when and what is to appear on the canvas.  At least I have learned to trust that process and follow where I am led. I truly am painting up a storm these days! This was so fun to play with the muted palette and let the tree forms emerge and recede as I applied the layers of paint that veiled them more or less.

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