Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roaring RIver ~ Final Version ~ a painting for and of the earth

Roaring River / 72" x 54" / acrylic on canvas
I think this one is finally finished! I have been dancing in this river for almost a month now! I started without my usual
reference photos or sketches and just from the inside of my belly! I let the paint splash and fall how it wanted to as I
thought about and felt all the pain of the earth as it sighs and heaves under it's heavy human load. I am so in love
with this planet and it breaks my heart a thousand times to see what we have become as we stand apart from the
earth and think ourselves to be greater than the whole. This painting is for the earth and of the earth. I can think of nothing else to do but paint my way through these turbulent times of change.
Color is a language with soft whispers or passionate vibrations.
Some details of the canvas that are difficult to see in a jpeg. Lots of tar gel, sometimes applied with tenderness and love and sometimes applied in a violent release of anger.
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