Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In many of my paintings I collage in a handmade Japanese paper called "Washi" One of these papers is made with the repeated motif of a spiral. I am often asked about these spirals that appear throughout my paintings. The spiral holds a dynamic, swirling energy for me that expresses the ever-moving, ever-flowing nature of our lives entwined with that of the natural world and all sentient beings.

The spiral is the universal symbol of the life force, both cosmic and microcosmic. Spiral forms are seen in nature from the great galaxies of outer space, to the whirlwind and whirlpools, to coiled serpents or conical seashells, to the tips of the fingers—our finger prints. Modern science has discovered the double helix structure of our DNA, the very basis of every cell of our body. 

The spiral is also an archetype for the spiritual journey, representing spiritual growth.

Unexpected Joy / 30" x 24" / acrylic / 2010

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