Friday, February 24, 2012

The Studio in Preparation for The Artist Project

 There is so much going on in my life at the moment, that it threatens to overwhelm me at times but as I enter the studio doors the smell of paint dissolves the fears, worries, concerns and as I begin to paint, images fill my body and replace the chattering squirrel thoughts in my brain. Lately, with much love and concern in my heart for Walt and his current health challenge (as he calls it) , I have been painting from an open heart and letting this love flow into the painting. It is what I call BIG Love, a love inspired by Walt, and by beauty and our collective humanity, a love so large that it envelopes all the petty little worries and fears that gnaw away at my everyday soul. Painting really is like deep prayer for me. It restores, revitalizes and informs me. It is my connection to something much greater than my small self.


 I always seem to paint like a madwoman just before a show, something about that looming deadline that urges me ever forward. I work on multiple canvases at a time, paint pouring out of my brushes like they are on fire! One painting leads to another, sometimes I am painting several from the same palette. The studio is charged with energy as the paintings emerge from the chaos, I discard some and rework others. Now there are only days left and 
slowly a group of paintings presents itself.

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