Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walkin' the woods of Connecticut

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After all the hustle and bustle of The Artist Project in Toronto, I headed for the hills of Connecticut to spend time with Walt. He introduced me to the gentle, rolling forested landscape of that region and I fell in love with it. We walked through the quiet of the forest every day and fed our senses from head to toe which nourished our souls deeply. In particular, we walked the many trails of White's Woods, a 4,000 acre nature reserve that filled us both with a much needed peace of mind and heart.

Dsc06662 Dsc06661
Soft, tender moss greens.
sleeping nature slowly awakening in the warmth of the rising temperatures.

Dsc06668 Dsc06752
This particular forest felt so friendly and alive that we couldn't help stopping to touch all the textures along the way.

Dsc06686 Dsc06812
Can you see the little turtle sitting atop the grasses? This was such a quiet, reflective spot of beauty.

Dsc06692 Dsc06806
Root Love.

Dsc06710 Dsc06714
One of the most beautiful monuments I have ever come across. What a remarkable gesture of love to leave behind these beautiful forests for the generations to come. If only more humans were such generous visionaries.

Dsc06720 Dsc06736
White quartz scattered throughout the woods would glisten and sparkle when the sunlight caught it's jewel like surfaces.

Dsc06772 Dsc06753
When we came across this pond, we were overwhelmed by a cacophony of sounds which we soon realized were the strange quacking sounds of hundreds of unthawing wood frogs! Most magnificent to witness this phenomena, we hung around the pond for quite a while just listening. We became enchanted with the place and found it most difficult to leave.
Dsc06777 Dsc06800

Curvilinear lines.
I am so in love with the trees, they seem to grow more beautiful with every passing day. They carry so much mystery, love and beauty within their textures and shapes that I almost can't contain myself when I am near them.
Dsc06737 Dsc06747
Dsc06646   Dsc06791

     Dsc06722  Dsc06730     
Walt pointed out this small beauty to me. I am convinced it is a fairy ladder.
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