Monday, April 23, 2012

Revisitng the Rocks

Singing Rocks, Howling Wolves / 54" x 72" / acrylic on canvas

Alchemical Nature / 54" x 72" / acrylic on canvas

These two paintings were done about a year ago but I was never completely satisfied with them. They got put back in the racks and have sat there "simmering" all this time. I pulled one of them out with the intention of covering it with gesso and beginning a new piece. However when I saw it again I realized how much I have learned about painting in the last year and I wanted to work with this old friend again. All the problems that had remained unresolved were no longer problems but a joy to "let go into". Painting is like that, so much is learned through living life and soon all that we are, and all that we become flows into the work.

As the artist Judy Cheng says, "You begin to see beyond the subject and color, and eventually you just allow the paint to move you.  Painting has given me a different perspective of looking at your surroundings. I see art in everything and it inspires me to continue to create, experience and enjoy."

I couldn't agree more, painting opens my heart and mind to realms that I would never have accessed on my own.
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