Friday, February 22, 2013

Show Time

So here I am again, third year running, The Toronto Artist Project. If only I could explain how grueling these shows are on my body and soul. Yes, I love meeting new people and engaging in conversations about art and life but I hate the long hours of standing on cement under harsh lighting in front of my paintings as people walk by and peer at me, sometimes I feel like a wild animal trapped in a zoo.

This year I purchased a smaller booth and brought smaller pieces to minimize expenses and energy.  I have fabulous artists as neighbors which is always a bonus as we all help to keep each other bolstered through the long hours. It is a tremendously different energy to be alone in ones studio in front of the canvas as you wrestle and play with the emerging colors and shapes, then to be standing in front of the finished paintings watching people observing the work.

Sometimes I feel like screaming and pulling my hair out, sometimes I feel like protecting my vulnerable new works from the critical stares and indifference of the public. And then, sometimes, a beautiful soul connects to a piece and I remember why I do this.


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