Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Wilderness Within" Exhbition in the Adirondacks

 Another journey across the border and down south into NY state brought me to the idyllic little town of Old Forge, NY. where I was hosted by a particularly kind couple that live in the area. Their beautiful home was nestled next to this lovely lake where I saw ducks, loons and herons while I was there.

 I was treated to a fine dinner, good morning coffee, a campfire and a comfy bed, as well as several visits to local establishments to meet with the community and listen to local lore, music and tales.

Old Forge, NY is a warm and welcoming community with particular spirit and spark! The View Center for the Arts is a stunning establishment that hosts some superb art shows and it is an honor to have my work on exhibit there for the next month.


"Nature as Muse" - bronze sculpture by Lewis Bryden in front of the View Arts Center.

The interim curator, Wendy Carr did a magnificent job of hanging the show. I am always delighted and surprised when a curator hangs the paintings in ways that may not have occurred to me. The show looked beautiful and it was a joy to have the time to meet so many delightful members of the community while all the hanging of the show was being done for me.

When I arrived for the opening reception the director informed me that this piece, "Weaving Roots of Time" had been sold before I had even arrived! I was thrilled of course, as this is a piece that has a lot of meaning for me. You can read about the whole evolution of this painting and the others that followed beginning with my blog post from April 15, 2010.

The triptych has found its perfect home with people who will live with and appreciate all the love and discovery that was poured into the creation of this particular painting. I feel the cycle of an artwork is only complete when it finds a viewer who resonates with it enough to bring it into their lives and home. I also feel a pang that "Weaving Roots of Time" will be leaving me, as it is particularly close to my heart but it is going out into the world to have a life of its own now.

 The exhibition will continue until July 21st in this gorgeous venu amongst the dark pines and fresh mountain air. I feel like the paintings are being held within a space that embraces and holds them with love and recognition and this feels so good to me.

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