Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Clouds, Rivers, Rain and Paint

Lac Ouimet in the Morning

In spite of very erratic weather with rain and sun exchanging places constantly throughout the week-end, the Domaine St Bernard managed to charm all who attended the annual Art Symposium.

 The shifting clouds and light created some of the most fantastic skies as a backdrop for the week-end.

 This was the seventh annual Art Symposium held at Domaine St Bernard, which is a beautiful land trust looked after by the town of Mont-Tremblant with acres of forested trails and the peace and calm of the former monastery which first created the domain.

 Having lived in Tremblant for almost 30 years, many old friends dropped by to visit during the week-end which made the event very fun and meaningful for me.

 Though each artist had only a small space in which to exhibit the informal nature of the show and the generosity of the organizers makes it a fun event! This is one of the few shows I attend where the artists are not required to pay a fee and we are even given a lovely brunch on Sunday as well as lunches and breakfasts throughout the week-end! A great group of artists participated and its always fun to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with other artists.

 There were sculptors as well as painters on location and many created fine pieces of artwork during the week-end.

 Several cash prizes were given at the closing ceremonies and I was most honored to receive one of the "Judge's Choice" awards which was a nice way to end the week-end.

 The next morning before heading back to the city I dropped in on my beloved river, La Rivière du Diable. The river was singing her lovely roar as I sat on a rock in the warm morning sun, absorbing her river energy.

 As always, I feel nourished and replenished by the rocks and river. I am now back in Montreal and heading to the studio to release that river roar onto canvas.

 It never ceases to amaze me when I sit with the river or forest, even for a short period of time, how much my awareness is elevated and opened to the abundance of beauty surrounding us everywhere.

Life is beautiful.
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