Friday, November 21, 2014

Chaos Breeds Creativity

When I enter the studio I shed all my quotidian duties and enter the realm of the imagination. This is the place where rationality and pragmatism have little worth. My mind is allowed to slip into chaos, where everything is fresh and new and waiting to be born for the first time. In the summer I paint outside but I also take endless photos of everywhere I of colors, textures, shapes. I often leave these piles of photos lying everywhere.

 I have tried to organize the photos but they always end up in piles and boxes littered all over the studio. I use them as reference but not just one, all of them! It is their strewn presence that evokes memories, smells, sights, sounds and even tastes for me as I paint.

Sometimes I sketch from them and have many of these sketch books lying around as well. They are like notes to myself, or notes of a song that has yet to be written. I like having them around me as partially resolved ideas for paintings, nudging their way into my consciousness as I work.

I like the pandemonium of colors and textures surrounding me in the studio. This is how fresh, new relationships between things are made. I let my mind slide into the music and disappear as I begin to work in a dreamy, unfocused state. Looking but not looking too hard. It's more like I am feeling the colors, shapes and textures that are emerging onto the canvas and I am falling into "dreamtime" as I paint. I definitely enter an altered state of consciousness and it is very difficult to articulate what I am doing when I am painting. It is as though language drops away during this state. 

Below is a series I am working on called "Notes from the Road." I am having fun exploring the multiple numinous moments that have occurred during numerous road trips, including a solo one across Canada a couple of years ago. These paintings are available HERE.

Many of these small ones are the preliminaries to larger paintings such as the one just fresh off the easel below:
Blue November / 24" x 30" / acrylic on canvas

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