Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Lillooet Highway from Kamloops to Whistler

 A spectacular drive from Kamloops to Whistler begins at Kamloops Lake and then crawlls and winds its way through the Fraser Canyon. Walt and I had Mercan Dede playing as this unearthly landscape unfolded around us in the early morning light. I was filled with emotions as we drove farther away form my two daughters. It is difficult leave your offspring each and every time, no matter how old they are.

The Fraser River and valley is impossible to photograph as it is in a deep ravine with steep cliffs and there is no where to stop or pull off. We did encounter a brief delay because of a mud slide. Many people turned back at this point but when I ran to the front of the line to check it out, it turns out that the road had been freshly graded. The muddy new road proved to be too much for a big semi truck that got stuck and jack knifed on the hill. Logging trucks were preparing to pull him out! Yikes! We managed to squeak by before things got too dicey and were on our way down the Hwy 99 again!

The lovely little town of Lillooet nestled into the mountains.

A quick stop to stretch our legs at Lake Seton.

 A roadside picnic at Lake Duffey.

 Glacier fed Joffre Lake

And finally a delightful short hike through beautiful forest to Nairn Falls. Just an aside this is the only place on the planet where the Brown Cobra Snake lives! I kept my eyes wide open for this creature but we only saw a small brown lizard on the pathway.

 Once again we were surrounded by textures, colors and rock that made my heart beat faster with love and gratitude for tripping the light!

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