Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Air Canada purchases a painting for their collection

I was honoured to have a large 48" x 48" painting purchased by Air Canada last month. I am always grateful when a corporation such as Air Canada supports Canadian art and artists by including original artworks in their collections. These artworks grace the walls of Air Canada's signature Maple Leaf lounges that are lovely, relaxing spaces to retreat to in the midst of hectic modern day travel. It is truly an artist's dream to have her art placed in such a place where so many eyes will have the time to look and take in the painting in a leisurely manner.

I am based out of Montreal but my roots are in Saskatchewan where I was born and raised. Air Canada generously flew me out to Saskatoon for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Maple Leaf lounge that has opened there.

It was a beautiful event and I was happy to meet another artist whose painting had been selected for the lounge, Shawn Evans, also a native of Saskatchewan now living in Toronto. I really loved Shawn's work and I look forward to getting to know him and his work better the next time I visit Toronto.


Maybe one of the highlights of the trip was having my 87 year old, almost blind father attend the ceremony with me. He was so excited to be there, as was I to have him there. It was a special treat for both of us.

The rest of my time was spent walking the gorgeous prairies amidst their changing colours of the season. I always feel my gypsy spirit soar into that vast open space with great joy! The sky, the textures, the changing light from the shifting clouds, so much beauty to nourish the soul with in that landscape.

Many thanks to Air Canada for having the foresight and initiative to support and promote Canada's artists in such a beautiful way.

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