Thursday, May 10, 2007

Longing for Light

Spent the day framing, touching up frames and deciding which paintings to take to the Ottawa Art Festival. I think I've managed to create an actual body of work without even realizing it. Just loaded 16 new paintings into my car and they fit perfectly. This is a group of paintings that has evolved over the last 8 months through a diffiuclt and dark period for me. Painting saved my life! The works show a definite progression from darkness to light, that is why I call the group "Longing for Light". As my friend Doug said, "without the struggle you couldn't have come to the understanding of darkness so necessary to capturing the essential nature of light."

I have emerged into a new and fresh place now, surrounded and filled with light. I'm off to Ottawa bright and early tommorrow morning to attend the Ottawa Art Festival for the week-end. It will be exciting to see the paintings all hung together.
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