Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is the logo for our newly formed group, I love it!
A circle of gesture and energy!
A group of 6 women and 4 men,
8 painters and 2 sculptors.
Our launch, "Passion, Art and Life", is this week-end outside an old barn that we have taken over
in front of the Grand Lodge Hotel, beside a lake and en route to the Mont-Tremblant ski resort.
Lots of traffic makes this a high profile spot but the barn is actually set back off the road and
somewhat in the woods so the setting is relaxing and condusive to creative exchanges with the public.
Our vernissage tomorrow night will be complete with wine and live jazz preformed by one of our
members who is also plays in a jazz band. Looking forward to a fun week-end spent with artists and art.
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