Monday, July 7, 2008

Opening of the Barn 2008

The launch of the "Barn" this year was a joyous celebration of art and music!
In spite of pouring rain all day, the rain stopped just in time for our festivities!
This year we hope to incorporate more live music, a regular drumming circle on Thursday evenings and a "Poetry Walk".  I just love this barn as a venue for exhibiting paintings as well as a magical place to work for the summer, as I can be inside/outside at the same time. I love the atmosphere of the pine forest plantation behind the barn. This spring I began working two days a week with Northland, a local landscaping co. which has reawakened the gardner in me.  I am presently building the "Poetry Walk" and take great joy in raking the pine needles into a winding path through the forest...I want to integrate other physical aspects of the land, such as stones, moss, ferns, etc. with time.  Once the physical space is created then comes the preparation and installation of the actual poems, I am very excited about this project and love to be a part of it's unfolding.

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