Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baba Yaga Came to Visit

While sharing a meal of spice and flavor
with a group of hard working women
the Baba Yaga appeared at the table.
She appeared in calloused hands
and cracked finger nails.
She was there in muscle and
naked skin, just beneath the clothing.
She filled wine goblets and
bit tongues with spicy fire.
She sang out bawdy songs and
told riotously funny stories.

Women who work with their bodies
call forth the form of the holy one
with their sweat and strain
When Baba Yaga appears the women
raise their wine in a toast to the
beauty of her dark nature.
She raises her skirt and reveals
a gapping, dripping wet cave
that leads to an inner knowing.
She opens their legs and tells
them not to fear their own wisdom.

Intuitive patterns & rhythms
drum heartbeats into
feverish dance.
The women peel back layers
of dewy petals and open
to the silver moonlight
cascading down
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