Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art Barn Poetry Walk Book

Behind the Art Barn where I work and exhibit for the summer have been various "Poetry Walks" that I have collaborated on with different poets over the years. This year's version of the walk is a combination of poets whose work deeply inspires me as I feel an increasingly profound love and respect for the earth, which intensifies with each painting that releases itself from within. Below are several photos of the walk which really don't don't compare with the experience of walking it. The swaying pines click and whisper above, the wind caresses you, and the scent of pine needles washes over you to awaken your senses in a flood of memories, reminding us of who we are to each other and all living beings. The images included in the book are mostly of one painting, "Weaving Roots of Time" as it progressed in my studio from day to day and week to week. The layers and stories beneath the painting and the woven roots of all of us, so interconnected at times it is difficult to tell where one begins and another ends. The poets are Susan Griffin, who expresses with words what I feel with paint. I end the walk with a poem by Barbara Deming, "Spirit of Love" a poem that I made copies to hand out at one of my first exhibitions over 25 years ago. And finally a joyful poem of recognition by Joy Harjo.

The Poetry Walk has been made into a book which anyone can preview and/or order a copy by clicking on the link below:
By Paintings by: Holl...

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