Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dark River Voice

As I walk I begin to leave behind the visual noise of town. A welcome insulation of stillness falls around me. I breathe in the cool air and breathe out the hot fire of pressing thoughts.


I notice how the light falls and illuminates certain patterns, my eyes begin to open to what is there before me. I start to notice all the life within the pulsating silence.


Patterns begin to emerge.


A surprise bridge brings a direct encounter with the thick, slow movement of a partially frozen river in all her delicious darkness.


She unfolds herself leisurely, sensuously winding along the frozen shoreline.


I am taken with her dark beauty and pause to watch & listen as her shimmering reflections speak in all their nuances of grey.


An unexpected light thrills me with warmth, illuminating the river's wintery & somber demeanor.


She radiates a glowing smile from her sleepy winter journey.


I watch attentively as she reveals more of herself in undulating curves of such beauty that I feel myself falling...


in love again. Her beauty has no limits, as she begins to speak through her curves, her shapes, her sounds, her colors..


I can feel only love, expressed in curves so sweet I want to cry out in wonder.


Shapes shift.


Water moves.


Perception is altered. I am restored. I will return to my studio and attempt to translate into paint this river's rich and resonant voice of winter.

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