Friday, January 21, 2011

Late Afternoon River Reveries

A gift of winter days filled with the rare & precious light of January, daylight is short in it's reign during mid January and so seems more golden.  I am drawn to the light outside like a moth to a flame, irresistible.

Today I carried a sad heart with me into the forest and walked with my head down, lost in thought, when I finally looked up from the path this is the first sight that greeted my eyes. It was such a breathtakingly loving image that I stopped in my tracks and physically felt my heart soften and melt into the warmth with grace and gratitude. 


The light continued to hold me and led me, steadily to the river's edge.


Where the rhythm of the river's sounds slowly soothed my breath.


Snow, ice and water; all various forms of the river, vibrate at different intensities.


An old friend stands by her side, listening closely.


Punctuated with the most ancient of calligraphy.


A small discovery creates a joyful ripple through time.


A longing for the light to return even before it's gone.


To live near the river always, to follow it's flow of seasons. I want to paint the river's portrait.

Tree language, a story of branches and limbs.  

The sound of feathers falling on blue water is the source of language.

The way the light caresses a curve resonates in my own body as a vibration of Love. Peace holds my soul for a moment.



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