Thursday, May 19, 2011

Open Studio

For the next three days our studio will be open to the public. Both Walt and I have been working away for the last couple of weeks. Our process is completely different so it is fascinating to work in the same space and bounce off of one another's ever fluctuating energies. Walt's huge graphite drawings are filled with a high energy charge that seems to fill the space when he is working. I have just returned from a Gabrielle Roth Five Rhythms Dance which unleashed all sorts of movement and colour from within. I have been dancing with the larger pieces and painted a whole series of "Dancing Trees" inspired by the century old maples and poplars in the St Henri neighbourhood that I live in. I love open studios as people enter into our workspace that is alive with imagination and creative energies, not all resolved but dancing through the air. The process is where all the work and play are for a painter so it is wonderful to be able to share that with friends and to the studio!



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