Friday, May 27, 2011

Dancing Trees of St-Henri


This series of small trees was inspired by two things: A week-end of dancing the Five Rhythms Workshop  which seemed to wash away the internal cobwebs and clear my perceptions so that I could see clearly again without the foggy blinders of beliefs and assumptions clouding my vision. I stepped back into the world refreshed and aware of the teeming life streaming around me in small and large gestures of movement. The second inspiration came when I walked through the park on the way to the studio to feel the century old maples dancing their forms back into life as spring surged through their magnificent textured bodies of bark and history. I could feel the trees celebrating the return of green and growth in swirls of energy throughout the park. Hence this series of 12" x 6" multi media paintings sprang forth from the interaction of my own body's energy and the tree's anchored yet flowing movement from deep within the earth. Many of these small tree works are still available if any one is interested in having a small swirl of energy for themselves. They are small but potent pieces vibrating with earthiness and sensuality.

1 comment:

jbkrost said...

love them holly...
each one is its own being!

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