Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alberta Bound


 Some of the best things about being snowed in for an extra day in Saskatoon were listening to Maia play her clarinet, sharing another meal with MC, Rick and Maia and meeting MC's friend and neighbor, Cathy Donnelly. Cathy's whole home is a work of art and the first painting I saw when I entered was a David Alexander, one of my favorite Saskatchewan artists. I was most honored when she chose to add the painting "Nestled" to her art collection.

Cathy & MC
Nestled / 30" x 24"

  This morning I thought the snow might let up but no, it was still snowing lightly as I left Saskatoon. Unfortunately I think the low pressure of the storm also contributed to bringing on a migraine so today was my least favorite day of driving. The first four hours were "white knuckle" driving on a two lane divided highway, icy, slushy conditions with a migraine. I passed several big semi trucks that has slid off into the ditch. The white snow on the prairie landscape was so blindingly bright that I had to wear my sunglasses. Every now and then I would pull over to let a big semi pass me and to gather my nerves to continue. At one such stop, a dear friend of mine happened to text me to ask how "the road warrior" was doing...this just struck me as hilariously funny, in my sunglasses and snowstorm situation and made me laugh out loud. I stopped for a BLT and coffee, got my road warrior attitude back and started to notice how beautiful the surrounding landscape was.

 Not much blue and gold today. The prevailing color was white but the textures were gorgeous. I couldn't stop to take photos too often but I loved the way the snow accented the curvy lines of the tractor tracks in the dark earth or the patterns of the cut wheat stalks swirling through the fields. Eventually the roads improved and I could relax my grip on the steering wheel and make better time. I have arrived in Calgary safe and sound, returning the van to its owner. Tomorrow I will rent another van for the second leg of my journey.

 These guys were all huddled together for warmth. Even the geese weren't flying today but rather staying grounded in large flocks on the fields. Throughout this trip the geese have been flying in long ribbons southward directly crossing my westward path.

 I really enjoyed coming across these black cows in a white landscape. They looked like music notes on a white sheet of paper or calligraphy marks.

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